A headshot of Lawrence Lazare

Lawrence Lazare is a photographer and writer who is currently pursuing a BFA in Studio Art at the University of West Florida. He spent the first decade of his career in the music business as a promoter, booking agent, and artist manager. In 1995, he became part of the first wave to build the commercial internet.  He spent 25 years as a product manager specializing in R&D and new product development for large media companies. During the last part of his career, he built AI-based search tools for photographers and filmmakers and holds two patents for image-based search and categorization.

In 2020, Lazare became legally blind after losing his central vision from Stargart’s, a genetic retinal disease, forcing him into an early retirement. He decided to return to college to pursue a BFA in Studio Art, focusing on film photography. His photographs have been displayed in museums and galleries in Michigan, Florida, and New Orleans. He writes on the intersection of blindness and photography on Medium.com. In January 2024, a collection of his photographs, The Museum Gaze, was published by F2.8 Press.